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How to Check the Speed of Your Broadband Connection

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In this page Links to six Internet speed testers given here. Click on them and check your broadband connection's speed
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I have given here five or six links which offers free-speed checking facility.

How to improve the download speed of my PC?

Idea-1. check the memory size

(start , run , type "dxdiag' , Press OK)

If the available memory is very low, it will affect the download speed. Memory size of 2GB or more is better. If you have less than 512 MB, surely, it will affect the speed of Internet.

Idea-2. check the free space in c: drive.

When the physical memory (RAM) is used up, XP looks to the paging file for its excess requirements. This memory is known as virtual memory. (XP makes the default paging file approximately 1.5 times the amount of installed RAM). The available virtual memory in your pc (windows xp) can be seen by the command:

Start ,Run , type "dxdiag', Press OK

Idea-3. Install a Download Accelerator software.

1. You can install "Download Accelerator Plus" (abbreviated as DAP). This will increase the speed of download almost by 5 times.

Precaution: If your computer is holding critical data, think twice before downloading and installing softwares from Internet. There is always risk.

How DAP works?

  • DAP creates five simultaneous connections with the server and does the parallel downloads.
  • Have a look at the screen capture. I am downloading a youtube video through using DAP.
  • The netstat command shows five parallel connections. The DAP window also shows five connections and the quantity downloaded by each connection..
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How to check broadband speed