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Have a peep into a PLANT CELL

The following questions on a plant cell may look very difficult to answer. But even an LKG student can answer these questions after seeing the video for just one minute.( Ask your child, whether he having PLANT CELL in his biology syllabus. If so, then ask him/her these questions:)

1.What is the function of cell wall?

2. What is the function of cell membrane?

3. What is vacuole?

4. Inside which organelle, DNA is present?

5. What is cytoplasm? what are its functions?

6. What is mytochondrian? What is its function?

7. Which organelle is helping photosynthesis?

9. Protein synthesis is done by which organelle?

10. What is golgi body?

11. which organelle in the cell digests the protein?

12. What is the name of the jelly like substance inside the cell which holds all the other organelles?

13. which organelle converts glucose into energy?

14. Draw the plant cell showing all the organelles.